Get a fresh start with the right products.

A good shampoo regimen and excellent products are your foundations for healthy, strong, touchable hair. It's important to be sure you get this fundamental step right. A key to keep in mind is "easy does it": don't wash it too often, and use gentle products regularly.
Use shampooing as an opportunity to give yourself a scalp massage. This will stimulate your scalp circulation, provide relaxation, and ensure you get the cleansing effects of the shampoo right at the roots where your hair needs it most.
Shampoo three or four times per week — not every day — to allow hair’s natural oils to work from roots to tips for added shine and hydration.
The Nexxus collection of shampoos is designed with customized formulas to gently yet thoroughly cleanse all types of haiinfused with containing nutrients, antioxidants, and UV complex to create silky, strong, beautifully healthy hair.
Get Great Shampoo Results
Nexxus shampoos are thick and rich, creating wonderfully luxurious lathers as a result. Begin with a small amount, and add more as needed. Distribute shampoo evenly. Apply at the roots and comb through to the ends.