All Around Color Advice
Tip 1: Keep Your Color
It’s important to stay vigilant about your color — without proper maintenance, color can dull and fade quicker. Care for your color between visits with products specifically designed to help prevent damage and prolong color. For hair with no other problems, we recommend a replenishing nutrient shampoo such as Color Assure Shampoo followed by Color Assure Conditioner  – they work together effectively to keep the color vibrant longer.
Tip 2: Consider Leave-In Conditioner
Even the most expertly applied color can leave hair dry and damaged, which makes conditioning essential. Consider using a leave-in conditioner such as Color Assure Leave-in Conditioning Spray a few days a week to protect your color and replenish lost moisture, giving hair the shine and luster it deserves.

Tip 3: Adjust the Temperature
Wash hair in lukewarm water to prevent the premature fading that hot water can cause.

Disguising Root Grow Out
Tip 1: Pump Up the Volume
Create volume with a volumizing root lifter to disguise root growth. Hair that lies flat shows roots more noticeably than hair with body and movement.

Tip 2: Do Your Part
Experiment with different ways of parting hair to disguise grow out. Consider sweeping bangs to the side or creating a pouf and pinning bangs back.
Tip 3: The Fix All
The most effective way to disguise root growth is to color over it. Make an appointment with your stylist to color again as soon as possible.