Smooth, sleek hair is no longer flat. It’s now lively, full of body and movement. Flyaways are gone, and shine is turned on.

Smooth Start


Shampoo with Hydra-Light Shampoo, followed by Hydra-Light Conditioner. Both are formulated with a lightweight blend of silk amino acids and gently cleanse without roughing up hair’s cuticles. Use a wide-tooth comb to pull conditioner all the way through and eliminate tangles.
Wring out extra water and blot hair dry starting at top of head, working towards roots.
Sleek Blow-Out
For flyaway control and luxurious sleekness while blow-drying, start with damp hair. Evenly apply ProMend Straightening Lotion, which actually works with your heat appliances to achieve straight, sleek style each time you straighten it.
To begin, section your hair off and pin back the top layers. With an extra-large round brush and directional nozzle, begin blow-drying in a downward direction to create maximum shine. Blowing in the direction of the hair’s growth smoothes the cuticles down for added shine.
Lustrous Style
Flat iron hair to seal cuticles and impart lustre. Help protect your hair from heat by beginning with ProMend Straightening Lotion. Apply small, concentrated amounts of ProMend Leave-In Treatment Crème to the surface and dry ends for added smoothness as needed.
Static Free Finish
Complete the smooth, sleek look with Comb Thru Finishing Mist for remarkable brilliance and static control.