Bangs are a small change with big impact. Create a wispy, side-sweeping look. Or cut them boldly thick and straight. Use them to your advantage and declare a new look.

Straight Across
    Blunt cut just below brows
    Creates a dramatic look
    Draws attention to eyes

Side Sweep Bangs
    Cut long or short
    Lightens face
    Adds volume on top and at eyes

Angled Fringe
    Textured cut
    Starts short at forehead, ends below eye on other side
    Balances facial structure

Bang Control 
  1. Apply styling product for control: mousse for thickness and ease of style, hair spray for the greatest control and to lock bangs into place, especially for the swept-aside look.
  2. For added fullness, dry with a back-and-forth technique. Start by using a round brush and drying bangs upwards at the roots but curling forward around the brush, then switch directions and repeat the process until hair is dry.
  3. Roll the ends under with a round brush and blow-dry if desired, or just leave flat. 


Styling Products: